Test-Release t2016032400: FreeDOS installer included, FAT32+DOSLFN

Download: http://ftp.chtaube.eu/pub/FreeDOS/bootable-usb/Testing/FreeDOS-t2016032400.img.xz Features: FreeDOS 1.1 ISO image included – will show up as drive D: after boot 500 MB FAT32 filesystem, DOSLFN.COM included Some Tools included: flashrom 0.99, P7-ZIP, SPFDISK, NICSCAN, FDNPKG vanilla syslinux-6.03 HDT 0.5.2 memtest86+ v5.01 Not thoroughly tested, yet. Please leave feedback in the comments.

Examining the syslinux official package

I had this idea to make the script independent from any local syslinux installation. Instead, download a recent syslinux tarball and put it into a subdirectory. The syslinux tarball has sources and precompiled, official binaries, so we can use them directly:

Hardware Detection Tool

Adding Hardware Detection Tool to the syslinux boot menu requires this configuration block in syslinux.conf: LABEL hdt MENU LABEL hdt – Hardware Detection Tool COM32 hdt.c32 APPEND modules_alias=boot/modules.ali pciids=boot/pci.ids Additional files are required from the syslinux package (put them into /boot/) libgpl.c32 libmenu.c32 pci.ids (read here) modules.ali (optional; on Linux systems copy and rename this… Read More »

Issues with syslinux

The chain.c32 from FreeDOS 1.1 CD-ROM is incompatible with ldlinux.c32 and ldlinux.sys from recent syslinux installations (as shipped with Debian, Fedora, …). Don’t mix files from different versions of syslinux! In other news, syslinux has finally gained some libraries. If your self-made USB shows a stream of errors saying that it “couldn’t execute /fdos/chain.c32” you… Read More »

Build script fails on Debian 8: Device name does not exist

The build script fails on Debian 8.2: ==> kpartx returned ‘add map loop0p1 (253:0): 0 509952 linear /dev/loop0 2048’, using ‘/dev/mapper/loop0p1’ !!! ERROR: Device name does not exist. ==> Cleaning up… loop deleted : /dev/loop0 Seems like the device node is created with a slight delay. A simple sleep command added right after running kpartx… Read More »